Bike Travel

Traveling with your bike has been easy for MetaMan Bintan

Ferry bike slot:

Express procedure:

  • For your convenience bikes will be transferred directly to your hotel from the Bintan Ferry Terminal. You are not required to collect it at the ferry terminal, but should do so at your hotel.
  • Advise the travel agent where you are staying or where you want your bike to go in Bintan, so you receive the appropriate bike luggage tag for your bicycle.
  • Please arrive 2 hours before departure at the ferry terminal in Singapore to prevent stressful situations.
  • For the return ferry, please hand your bike back to the hotel 3 hours before departure to ensure your bike makes it on the ferry on time. At the Bintan Ferry Terminal you only need to check in your regular luggage.

Bike packing:

  • You are not required to pack your bike in a box for the ferry. However do remove the following items from your bike to prevent loss or damage:
    • All accessories and loose parts that can fall or be taken off. E.g. bike computers, pouches, drink bottles, bike pumps, etc.
    • Pedals (This will reduce the risk of damage to other bikes and of luggage handlers riding your bike – even though they have been instructed not to.)
  • Your bike will be handled with care. However we do advise you to protect your bike against scratches by wrapping your frame or packing it in a bike box.
  • If you want to pack your bike in a box, but are not sure how to go about this, see our bike box advise and packing guide.

Bike mechanic:

  • Ensure your bike is in good order before you bring it to Bintan
  • Bike mechanics will be at MetaMan Bintan for last minutes fixes and tunings.
  • Major repairs and assembling or packing of bikes are chargeable
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