Over US$130,000 Prize Purse

A total prize purse of US$134,000 is up for grabs for the 2014 MetaMan Bintan  Iron Distance PRO athletes.

To be eligible for prize money, athletes must request to be registered in the PRO category, at metamanpro@metasport.com.
Athletes registered as age-groupers will not be eligible for prize money.

Professional athletes wishing to apply for the Pro Athletes Package (Travel expenses subsidies) need to contact us at: metamanpro@metasport.com

Doping tests will be carried out on the winners male & female, as well as additional random tests for all prize-money winners (PROs).

The tests will be carried by the Indonesian NADO team (National Anti-Doping Agency).

MetaMan Full Iron Distance – US$ 134,000

Men’s (USD) Women’s (USD)
1st 30,000 30,000
2nd 15,000 15,000
3rd 10,000 10,000
4th 5,000 5,000
5th 4,000 4,000
6th 3,000 3,000


Indonesian Champion – US$ 1,600

Full Half Blitz
1st Male 500 200 100
1st Female 500 200 100


Pro-Athlete Testimonials

“The Metasport MetaMan Bintan experience from a professionals perspective is first class. It is highly unusual in this sport to be looked after so well.” Courtney Ogden, MetaMan Bintan 2013 Winner 

“The MetaSport crew did a supreme job, everything was so organised and professional and the way you looked after us pro athletes was exceptionable.” Gina Crawford, MetaMan Bintan 2013 Runner Up 

” I can’t tell you of any other race where the PRO’s get spoiled like in Bintan.” Caroline Steffen, MetaMan Bintan 2013 Winner

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