Race Course

MetaMan Bintan has been designed to offer the athletes a unique course that blends all the distinctive features that Bintan Island has to offer. The result is a stunning, honest, challenging race course that has got something to offer for everyone.

3 distances are on offer this year:

MetaMan Full: 3.8km swim-180km bike-42.2 km run

MetaMan Half: 1.9km swim-90km bike-21.1km run

MetaMan Blitz: 1.2km swim-55km bike-7km run

Swim Course (Blitz distance = 1 lap of 1.200m / Half iron distance = 1 lap of 1.900m / Full iron distance = 2 laps of 1.900m)

The beauty of the MetaMan course itself starts with the swim. Set in the crystal clear and calm waters of the South China Sea, the first loop of the swim course is set within the sheltered bay of Nirwana Gardens, with the second loop taking the athletes on a portion supported by favorable currents (East to West) . Athletes of the half-iron distance only perform the second loop (see map below). MetaMan Blitz will have an even shorter swim but still enjoy crossing from one bay to the other, which is the beauty of that swim. With water temperatures averaging 29 degrees Celsius, this will be a fast swim and no wetsuits will be allowed.

Terrain and format description

The swim course starts at the beautiful Nirwana Gardens Bay, as a two-loop course (iron distance) or one-loop course (half iron and blitz distance). Athletes of the iron distance perform a 1st loop clockwise, followed by a beach turn and then a second loop anti-clockwise. Athletes of the half iron and blitz distance will perform 1 loop only running anti-clockwise.

The start of the swim is located 500m away from the Transition area. The start will be a beach mass-start. A unique element of the course is the setting over two magnificient bays and the crossing from one to the other over a spectator friendly zone, expect loads of cheering! Another unique element of the course is that whilst the 1st loop is protected from currents, the swimmers will enjoy favorable currents throughout the 2nd loop (currents always run East to West in outer sea). From the top of the peninsula the swimmers swim with the currents towards the finish point. The swim features other favorable conditions like little or no swell and crystal clear water. The water temperature is all year round at 29C, so you can leave your wetsuit at home.

Route description:

- Run from the beach and swim a straight line of 300m to Buoy (1).

- Turn 90 degree right and swim 650m towards Buoy (2).

- Turn 300 degree right and swim 650m towards Buoy (3).

- Turn 90 degree left and swim 300m towards the beach – end of loop 1, beach turnaround. Start loop 2.

- Run from the beach and swim a straight line of 500m to Buoy (4).

- Turn 90 degree left and swim 900m towards Buoy (5).

- Turn 300 degree left and swim 400m to Buoy (6).

- Turn 90 degree right and swim the 100m straight line to the beach finish.

* Athletes of the Half-iron distance perform only loop 2 (red line on the map below), whilst athletes of the Blitz distance perform a shorter version of loop 2 (blue line on the map below)

Navigate the swim course on Google Earth: http://bit.ly/Ij9ssi

Bike Course (Blitz distance = 1 out & back of 55km / Half iron distance = 1 loop of 90km / Full iron distance = 2 loops of 90km)

A short hop to transition and the competitors will set off on bike leg, which is a 90km-lap affair and combines elements of the Olympic-distance Bintan Triathlon bike route and Stage 2 of the Tour de Bintan. Those who’ve never ridden in Bintan are in for a treat. The route meanders through the northwestern part of the island, which save for a few villages full of enthusiastic flag-waving spectators, still lies in its natural state. Green forests, deep blue lakes and beachside views will accompany the riders throughout the bike leg. And with quite a few rolling hills, although nothing over 60m in height, be ready for a challenging ride – you won’t get bored! While the ups will test the legs, the downs provide lots of opportunity to recover… before it goes up again. You have been warned!

Terrain and format description

The bike course is undulating and set over a loop of 90km. Each 90km contains 600m positive ascent, or 1200m elevation over the total 180km bike course (and 600m positive elevation for the half iron distance). Most of the route is undulating, with short climbs of moderate gradient. There are 4 challenging hills, involving climbs over more than 1km, located at kms 8, 35, 50, 79.

Route description

The loop can be broken down in five parts.

- 15km exit out of Nirwana Gardens towards the resorts’ gate (undulating).

- 10km straight line towards the new Highway Busung (undulating with hills).

- Flat and fast ride on the new Highway with an astonishing crossing over the Bridge (flat and fast – subject to crosswinds).

- Return from the seafront with passages across fishing villages such as Sungai Kecil (flat and fast).

- Loop inside “Pasar Oleh-Oleh” and back towards transition area (undulating).

This is the 90km “loop” which needs to be completed twice by the full iron distance athletes (and once for the half iron distance).

* Athletes of the MetaMan Blitz will follow the same route as the Half & Full MetaMan for the first 15km, out of Nirwana Gardens to the Gate. However at the gate, instead of going straight towards Highway Busung, they will turn right towards Sungai Kecil, make a U-Turn and return towards Transition, via the Pasar Oleh-Oleh loop. This is the 55km in the out & back format, involving undulating sections, lush vegetation and a view on the sea.






Navigate the bike course on Google Earth: http://bit.ly/KtWPpx

Run Course (Blitz distance = 1 lap of 7km / Half iron distance = 3 laps of 7km / Full iron distance = 6 loops of 7km)

Some say an Ironman only really starts with the marathon, well if that’s the case with the MetaMan, then the spectators are in for a treat, as the unique multiple-lap course will provide plenty of chances of seeing the action. The runners themselves have been well looked after as the course, which is run entirely within the grounds of Nirwana Gardens, is mostly flat and covers three distinct zones including a 3km section of each loop run over the soft-packed trails of the Wakatobi Jungle Track. The jungle canopy will provide a welcome respite from the sun for the earlier runners and the trail will be well illuminated as the day turns into night. Another 3km portion of the run takes the runners on a journey through the roads, paths and lanes of the resort, with a beachside stretch linking the two.

Terrain and format description

The run course is mostly flat and set within the vicinity of Nirwana Gardens Resort. It consists of 6 loops of 7km for the full iron distance (or 3 loops for the half iron distance).

Half of the run is set on the Wakatobi jungle track, which provides excellent features for an iron-triathlon marathon. The soft packed ground will make the run less taxing on your legs, with much more impact absorption than road based course. The track is flat, as it follows the beach line. Bordered by dense trees, the track is perfectly shaded and you will appreciate every bit of coolness by the time you hit the road! The jungle track runs parallel to the beach and the sights are scenic if you have time to take a look.

The other half of the run will take you towards the Mayang Sari beach resort with amazing views of the Bay as you descend to towards the sea. This part of the run contains a small incline which will be packed with spectators, music and encouragements.

As athletes pass the beach-front of Nirwana Gardens they will be greeted by yet more spectators and animation to help give a boost of encouragement along the way!

Route description

- Leaving transition area, run the beach-front until the start of the jungle track (km1, first fuel station).

- Then run the Wakatobi jungle track forth & back (km2.5, second fuel station, km4, third fuel station).

- As you exit the trail you head slightly uphill towards the resort centre (km4.7, fourth fuel station).

- You keep going towards the Mayang Sari Villas (km5.6, fifth fuel station).

- You head towards the sea and pass by the side of transition area before heading to the U-Turn point (km6.5 sixth fuel station)

- As you reach the U-Turn, you will receive a bracelet.

- You return towards the start of the loop along the transition area, passing close by the finish line.

* This is the 7km loop which will need to completed 6 times for the Full-iron distance, 3 times for the Half-iron distance and once only by the Blitz distance athletes.

Navigate the run course on Google Earth: http://bit.ly/HAdqZS

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